Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Naples Florida Tea Party Photos

The Naples Florida tea party was an outstanding success thanks to the efforts of many volunteers. It was held at noon at the busy intersection of US 41 (Tamiami Trail) and Pine Ridge. The drive by traffic was enthusiastic with “thumbs up” and blowing horns showing support. About 2,500 showed up. The top photo is of Joanne DiCarlo who organized the rally and about whom I wrote earlier. She is a fantastic individual.


Andy Airriess said...

It was snowing in Slat Lake City!

Lloyd said...

taxes? Obama's proposed taxes are 10% less than they were under Reagan, and only on incomes over $250K. How many at these teabagging events make over $250K?

debt? under Reagan, the Debt to GDP ratio went from 30% to 60% - no tea baggery then, eh?

bailouts? GW Bush started the TARP bailouts - but not a word of protest from the 'baggers...

spending? GW Bush spent more than any president in 30 years - MINUS defense and security funding...but no teabagging there.

size of the government? there were 2.2M civil servants in 1990, now less than 1.9M.

so...why is there teabagging? simple: the Democrats are in power now, and the losers are sore.