Monday, April 6, 2009

Liberty and Tyranny number 1 at the Times … Where’s the review?

Mark R. Levin’s new book, Liberty and Tyranny: A Conservative Manifesto hit the New York Times Best Sellers list as number 1 in non-fiction. It has not been reviewed which leads to the question of whether it will be. You may remember in 2004 John O’Neill’s Unfit for Command was on the Best Sellers list for 7 weeks, four of them in first place before they found the courage to review it. Then, of course, they dutifully panned it. In fairness Jennifer Schuessler does comment on the book in her column, Inside the List. It’s a short, rather snarky take on a very serious book. And it’s evident she hasn’t read the whole thing. Reviewing this book presents a challenge to the Times. It’s the difficulty in finding a reviewer on staff who can tolerate 8 to 12 hours of total immersion in conservative thought. Ah the pitfalls of the liberal monoculture!


Brian.Bentzen said...

I'm reading Levin's book now, and plan to review it sometime in the next few days. It's a quick read. I bought it with the intention of finding a book about conservativism that I can give to friends, but I don't think it will live up to my expectations.


Ayrdale said...

Suggest you draw it to the attention of Arts and Letters Daily. (

They may already have reviewed it, if not I think they would want to.