Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The hidden reason Trump fired Comey

It is likely the firing of Comey has less to do with Hillary and more to do with surveillance and leaks of the Trump team, possibly including Trump himself.  

There was utter fear pervading Washington when it became obvious Trump would win the Republican nomination and possibly the election.  He was threatening gutting agencies and closing down others.  He was threatening the status quo.  The media set out to destroy him.  And there were others in government who felt the same way.  Call it the Deep State or whatever, top level officials were more than concerned.  Rules were bent especially with the FISA court.  According to the Guardian, the UK’s GCHQ did provide information to NSA on the Trump team.  The denials from NSA were that it didn’t request the information, but no mention of whether NSA had received any.

When Sessions took over Justice, there were likely high level people who shared information with Sessions either out of honest concern or to clear their names.  Sessions is the key man now.  He is the one who persuaded the President to fire Comey.  He knows where the bodies are buried