Saturday, March 28, 2009

National Tax Day Tea Party…Lend your support

I have never attended a protest rally, but on April 15 I will. They are springing up all over, thanks to selfless organizers and volunteers who fear what made America great is being threatened by Washington. The Tea Party movement was started when Chicago Board of Trade trader and CNBC commentator Rick Santelli electrified his viewing audience with his fury over Washington’s policies. He called for a Chicago Tea Party in July. Already Tea Party protests have taken place around the country. Some are small, some much larger. Recently those in Cincinnati and Orlando (more) numbered in the thousands. The size and numbers are growing. And don’t think the political operatives at the White House are ignoring this phenomenon. Just as they reacted to Joe the Plumber, they are acutely aware of anything that would lower the President’s poll numbers. This is truly a grass roots effort. There are no big money organizations behind it, no PR or organizing groups, no vested complaint associations who put on instant protests with slick focus group researched catch phrases and paid-for signs. They are everyday people like Joanne DiCarlo of Naples Florida who is organizing the efforts here. She is a stay at home mom with three children who fears for the future of her country. She has never done anything like this before, but when a friend asked her to step forward, she did. I contacted her last Sunday after I came across the National Tax Day Tea Party website to let her know I would attend and offered to help. America is a great country because of people like Joanne. But they need help. First, plan to attend to make your voice heard. Second lend them your time and skills. The National Tax Day Tea Party website has the listings for Tea Parties around the country. Contact your nearby Joanne and offer to help.

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