Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The ultimate oxymoron: Government Efficiency

Here’s an example of the topsy-turvy world of government management. In at least one program there are twice the numbers of folks looking over shoulders as those actually doing the work. And you wondered why the cost of government contracted toilet seats is so high!

Auditor Excess? 

 As Washington grapples with ways to reform an ailing Pentagon acquisition and contracting system, the knee-jerk response inside the Beltway is to study the issue and audit programs (see p. 24). But, several defense officials suggest auditors alone can’t fix the problem. Pentagon program managers acknowledge proper oversight is paramount, but say that more doesn’t mean better.

The pace of --contracting has slowed—some say to a glacial state—in part because of hurdles added to programs prior to contract release. Take the upcoming Small-Diameter Bomb II competition: According to one official, there are twice as many auditors as program and contracting officials, so—if the auditors could take on the responsibility of joining the anemic acquisition workforce—they could become part of the solution. – Aviation Week 3/16/2009

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