Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Interesting camouflage schemes for aircraft.

Camouflage has been with us for over 150 years. From the days of the British in India giving up their whites for khakis to blend into the dusty countryside, efforts have been made to hinder the enemy from seeing and identifying friendly troops and equipment.

Here are some aircraft photos of the more recent efforts to hide and deceive hostile forces. Some are designed to blend in to the background, some are designed to hide the true shape or give a false aspect. Of interest is the Canadian CF-18 with a black canopy painted on the bottom of the plane to deceive an adversary. Pixelated camo used on US Army uniforms is now being applied to combat aircraft. Even with radar and infrared, eyeballs are still crucial for air to air combat, and a half second of confusion can be enough to allow a plane to escape.

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