Friday, April 13, 2012

Did the administration and the media shoot itself in the foot in the Trayvon Martin controversy?

Gateway Pundit carries an interview of Janet Murgula, President of La Raza, on Keeping it Real with Reverend Al Sharpton (guest host Andre Eggelletion).   The gist of the conversation is Hispanics and blacks should join forces to address common “problems.”  It is curious why such a conversation is taking place at the height of the Trayvon Martin issue.

It seems the controversy is now driving a wedge between Hispanics and blacks.  Janet Murgula wouldn't have made her statement otherwise.  The friction has long been there.  Look at the street gangs of Los Angeles, look at the prison gangs.  They are primarily Hispanics vs. blacks.  Blacks blame Hispanics for their job losses and a host of other ills.  Hispanics think blacks are being dealt better cards in the way of racial preferences.

When the Trayvon Martin case exploded, it was in the interest of the Obama campaign to make it a case of white vs. black.  They wanted to gin up the base with the tried and true "the Klan is coming to git you" mentality.  But it has turned into a renewal of long simmering Hispanic/black tensions -- this despite the sycophant media’s best efforts to create anti-white animus by calling George Zimmerman a white Hispanic from a gated community and various other subterfuges.

Efforts by liberals, the media and black “leaders” for a rush to judgment no doubt has Hispanics worried that this is but one more example of favoring blacks over them.  Obama and the liberal media unintentionally walked into a trap, set by themselves for political advantage.  But it hasn’t worked out the way they hoped it would.  It has ensnared two of the Democrats’ key voting blocks into a renewed rivalry with each other.  And Democrats now want the story to go away.  The NY Times has been virtually silent on the issue for a week now and a White House spokesman has said it has spoken its last on it.  The focus groups and polling data must be terrible for them.

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