Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Angela Merkel, solve the Greek problem! No more loans, just buy Greece

No, I’m not suggesting she buy more Greek debt, I’m talking about buying the country of Greece.  Buy it lock, stock and barrel,  just like the Americans bought Alaska from the Russians in 1867.  Russia was hurting financially from the Crimean war and Czar Nicolas needed to replenish his coffers.  Alaska was a drag.  Russian hunters had pretty well wiped out the fur seals and nothing would grow in the far north soils because of smelly black stuff that oozed out of it.  So he dumped it for $7.2 million on those gullible Americans.

What would Germany and Greece get out of it?  Well, Germany would have its own Riviera where aging Germans could lounge in the sun wearing ill fitting thong bathing suits.  There would be an unlimited supply of ouzo to cloud their minds.  And German cities would see a ton of new, Greek run restaurants.  The Greeks would get Mercedes and Volkswagen assembly plants.  They, of course, would be manned by Germans so the Greeks, too, could enjoy the delights of ouzo without wasting time working. 

It’s win win for everyone.

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