Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Jon Huntsman the new Ronald Reagan? Hardly

Am I the only one who thinks Jon Huntsman is a plant? 

Huntsman chose Liberty Park to announce his candidacy, the same place Ronald Reagan chose to launch his campaign as the nominee of the Republican party in September 1980. His Casper Milquetoast announcemant speech at Liberty Park simply can't compare Reagan's and is the same recipe for defeat John McCain gave us. And it's no coincidence, John Weaver Huntsman's top political advisor is a former McCain campaign team member. 

Soon you will see the NY Times declaring Huntsman the second coming. A drumbeat from the rest of the legacy media will follow. The horribly skewed NY Times/CBS poll will declare Huntsman a front runner. But even worse, his campaign has the earmarks of recent congressional campaigns of Democrats running as  "Tea Party" candidates.

Fortunately he doesn’t have the time or organization to make a dent in the Iowa caucuses. But in New Hampshire, an open primary state, Democrats will cross over and vote for him in the Republican primary in an attempt to torpedo viable conservative contenders.

Huntsman probably never listened to Ronald Reagan’s speech at the Liberty Park. If he had, he never would have given the speech he gave. The Statue of Liberty was simply a nostalgic backdrop. Mistakes like that are more indicative of Democrat research, not of conservative Republicans who bathe in the glories of Reagan’s speeches.

Huntsman has no organization to speak of, nor a fundraising operation. He evidently feels he can rely on the support of the press to develop a following. No Republican in his right mind would ever conceive of doing that. My personal opinion is Huntsman’s support comes not from the right, but from the left. 

What we don't need to do is listen to the editorial voices of the NY Times to select a Republican candidate.  They don't have the best interests of the Republican party at heart nor will any ever vote for one.

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