Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Follow the BP oil leak progress live

The US Coast Guard has approved the use of the top kill method of capping BP’s well. There has been no time set to begin the procedure, but you can follow the video feed live from the ROV camera here. Note the moving wormlike object close to the pipe. No idea what it is, could be debris. Hopefully this try will be successful. Update: It appears BP's link is getting overloaded at times, with the screen going black. Be patient, you will be able to see it. Update 2: Coverage now includes positioning of eqiupment to prepare the top kill procedure. Update 3 (5:45pm edt): Evidently BP doesn't want the public to see the results of the top kill procedure. The video feed is of a static piece of equipment, probably the blowout preventer. The view does not show the work being performed, nor the plume. I guess they don't want anyone looking over their shoulder. Update 4 (6:45pm edt): BP is now showing a video feed of multiple plumes. The video quality of the feed makes it difficult to read the description of what is being shown.


The Cake Eaters, Washburn High School said...

It looks as if the mud is being injected into the the BOP, I think the lighter color plume is the mud. The darker plume may be the oil(maybe only). I can now see the need for the "junk stuffing", as this will sort of slow down the flow such that the mud can back up and fill the small voids. Without the junk, the mud just comes out too.

The Cake Eaters, Washburn High School said...

The "junk stuff", think of it as trying to stuff a toilet to plug it up. That is hard to do.