Friday, June 19, 2009

Florida … Pleasant climate and a friendly business climate

In the past two months I stumbled on three new products that were either superior to what I had been using or in one case, truly unique. What caught my attention is all are made in Florida.

One is a blood clotting powder you pour on a wound where it combines with the blood to form an instant well sealed scab. Being on blood thinners and doing my own yard work, nicks and scrapes are a normal hazard, not always solved with bandages. Named QR (quick relief), the new product is a godsend and gets me back to work in minutes. Made in Sarasota.

The second is a new sunscreen called FACE POTION. Many sunscreens claim to be sweat resistant, this one really is. Not only does this one retain its effectiveness in Florida’s sweat inducing summers, more importantly is doesn’t irritate my eyes as all others have. Made in Cocoa, FL.

The third is a new brand of Saw Palmetto that in my case is more effective (prostate health) than others I have used. Made in Boca Raton. Florida is business friendly. It is especially friendly to new business.

Thirty years ago a coworker from Washington took a job in Naples, Florida. He was and still is a tennis freak. Unable to have his racquet properly restrung, he bought a top quality machine to do it himself. But he soon found all his tennis buddies wanted theirs done too. At the time it only cost $15 to incorporate, so he did that, rented a small shop and hired a high schooler to string racquets in the afternoon. He had his racquets strung to his satisfaction and made a little bit of money on the side.

More recently I came up with the idea I could take aerial real estate photos with a battery powered, radio controlled model airplane hauling a digital camera. Got some great pictures but I soon found the unpredictable wind conditions made it difficult to complete my jobs on time. So I gave it up. Total cost to the state of Florida for me to register an LLC, $65 ($125 now).

In Florida starting a business is so easy and inexpensive, it doesn’t hurt if it doesn’t work out. Entrepreneurship is alive and well in sunny Florida.

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