Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Turtles and Manatees … wildlife on and near Sanibel

Last Saturday was World Turtle Day, a fact I missed until my wife told me. Island Turtle doesn’t miss much, but he sure did on that one.

But it wasn’t lost on the real turtles on Sanibel and nearby Cabbage Key. They were out in profusion. The first was a lake turtle crossing the road near Gramma Dot’s restaurant on Sanibel. The next day we took my daughter and the grandkids to Cabbage Key and ran into 3 gopher tortoises within 20 yards of the restaurant. Now it probably wasn’t just Turtle Day that got them moving, it’s (to put it nicely) socializing season, where boy turtle meets girl turtle.

Seems the spirit of the times has spread to the manatee population too. Enjoy the photos, especially the manatees cuddling.

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