Thursday, July 24, 2008


This morning Julie and I stopped by a truly unique store on Sanibel Island, Neptune’s Treasures. It will be closed soon by its elderly owner who recently suffered a medical setback. It has been a labor of love, but 5 years ago he decided he wanted to sell the business or close it because of his age, but didn't. Now sadly, he has to.

His business is trilobites and other fossilized relics from 500 million years ago. He loves them and wants others to love them. Trilobites won’t pay the rent so he has stocked sea shells, a mainstay item for island visitors. His are a cut above other shell stores. They, along with other artifacts, have sustained his business for years. While the store is still doing business, it is being run by a local couple who are close personal friends of the owner.

Today I had to buy a trilobite. I had spurned one as a gift a while back, but I will never find another trilobite store again. I will treasure it.

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