Monday, June 3, 2013

Is Obama ready to throw Hillary under the bus? … The tea leaves say yes

On Friday a caller to the Rush Limbaugh show said she saw the most unusual and unexpected tabloid headline while in the checkout line of Wal-Mart.  It stated:


And she went on to say the subheads said even more:

Ordered IRS to target political enemies

Spied on US citizens

Lied about terror attack

Now that’s the way to reach low information voters!  But how could Republicans get so lucky?  Well, it’s probably not luck.  It’s most likely a sign there is bad blood boiling up between the Clintons and President Obama again.  Possibly Hillary is being prepped to be thrown under the bus for the Benghazi affair  And Bill Clinton may be using his surrogates to express his displeasure – this one being political ally Roger Altman and his tabloid the Globe to send a message.

And it doesn’t end there.  Sunday’s Drudge Report carries the headline:


The headline links to a New York Post article, which to put it mildly, is uncomplimentary to Obama.  Here’s the gem of all gems from the mouth of Bill Clinton:

I have no relationship with the president — none whatsoever. Obama doesn’t know how to be president. He doesn’t know how the world works. He’s incompetent. He’s an amateur!

This blog has said before there is no love lost between the Clintons and Obama.  Bill Clinton simply can’t stand him.  It all goes back to the presidential primary campaign, where on several occasions Hillary was branded a racist.  That is an unpardonable sin in blue on blue confrontations.  Likely there will be more to come.


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